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St John Fisher Catholic Primary

St John Fisher Catholic Primary

Physical Education

At St John Catholic Primary School, we value the impact that PE and sport can play in a child’s development.  One of our core school beliefs is that we should equip children with the skills and attitudes necessary to help them in all aspects of life. We aim to make PE and sport an integral part of the curriculum, using it as a vehicle to help children develop physical skills, exercise, build friendships, have fun, learn about teamwork, fair play, and improve self-esteem.  One way in which we do this is by providing opportunities to compete in sport through PE lessons and other activities and competitions outside of school. 


Physical Education (P.E) at St John Fisher Catholic Primary School develops well balanced children whilst fostering their enjoyment, confidence and skills within P.E, physical activity and school sport.  This boosts mental wellbeing and achievement. We recognise the transferable nature of skills e.g. remembering a dance sequence and sequencing a story through cross-curricular activities. The national Active Mark (gold) recognises our commitment to P.E.  Additionally, we promote a physical lifestyle through active classrooms. This is achieved through activities such as Just Dance, Super Movers, Take 10, the daily mile and investing in active resources to be used within the classroom setting. 


Throughout the key stages, our curriculum ensures children understand the many benefits of being physically active and the positive impacts of lifelong participation. The curriculum covers gymnastics, athletics, OAA (outdoor adventurous activities), dance, invasion games, net and wall games and swimming. 


We are fortunate to have excellent facilities for P.E. including indoor hall space and extensive playing fields. Further involvement is encouraged through a wide range of extra-curricular activities, which take place at lunchtime and after school. Additionally, we boost competitive sport through a range of sporting competitions, offering a real variety and breadth for all.


All Sport Clubs both free and paid can be found at the following link:



Our Year 4 class attends swimming classes for 2 terms and Year 6 a intensive water safety course.


We appoint Sports Ambassadors in Year 6 who input into our school sports plan for the year. We participate in the local School Games organisation and follow and honour the School Games Values. For the past three years we have achieved the “Gold School Games” mark.


To review the Sports Premium funding reports, please see Key Information page