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St John Fisher Catholic Primary

St John Fisher Catholic Primary

Religious Education

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St John Fisher Catholic Primary School is a Voluntary Aided School and our primary role is to serve the Catholic community of Ss Alban and Stephen and other neighbouring parishes.

Our school life is based on Christian Values. We recognise and respond to the needs of each child academically but also in their growth as an individual. We develop happy, fulfilled, well-educated and confident children in a caring environment with our faith as the focus of our actions. We expect and encourage excellence in all aspects of school life.

Education is a partnership between home, school and parish in which we seek and encourage the participation of parents and carers in the learning process and in the life of the school. Parents and Carers are welcome partners in the education of their child and in the development of our school family. Parents and Carers are expected to uphold and reinforce those fundamentals of the Catholic faith, which will be taught in school.  The school looks to a partnership with the parents and carers in the development of the faith and religious commitment of their child. 

RE Curriculum Intent

At St John Fisher School our faith underpins everything that we do. We aim to nurture and care for the pupils in our school and enable them to grow into responsible citizens who live out the gospel values of in their daily lives.

The aim of Religious Education at St John Fisher School is to promote the Catholic vision of the importance and independence of every person, as created in the image and likeness of God.  This vision inspires and encourages the beliefs and values, which are lived out in the daily life of our Catholic school.  To achieve this vision we work with all members of our school community, together with their families and our local parish of Ss Alban and Stephen.

 To enable all children to succeed we:

  • Plan and deliver engaging and creative learning experiences.
  • Encourage children to make explore and investigate scripture and make links to their own life experiences
  • Make prayer and worship a focal point of our school day.
  • Challenge all learners to fulfil their potential.

This is underpinned by:

-High Expectations; All children are expected to succeed and make progress from their starting points.

-Progression of skills; Lessons are planned to ensure that children in each class are exposed to deeper and more challenging learning which will ensure that previously taught skills are embedded and then built upon.

-Vocabulary rich environment; Vocabulary in Religious Education is a key part of promoting the religious literacy of our pupils. Key words are consistently reinforced and discussed throughout a topic to ensure all children have an excellent understanding of the religious concepts and topics that they are being taught.

-Developing sense of enquiry and curiosity; we recognise the importance of providing engaging and stimulating lessons in Religious Education to enable all learners to participate and succeed in lessons. Our lessons are creative, engaging and provide opportunities for all learners to succeed.

-Good teacher subject knowledge; Teachers will have sound knowledge of the curriculum area in order to deliver high-quality lessons and provide pupils with outstanding teaching and learning. Training is regularly offered to teachers to enable them to deliver high-quality RE lessons where all learners are supported and enabled to move on.

 RE Curriculum Implementation

At St John Fisher Catholic Primary School we follow a religious education programme which aims to strengthen our Catholic faith and helps us to embed into our daily lives our school mission statement, “Learning together as we walk in the footsteps of Christ.”

We use a highly recommended programme called Come and See, which is the result of great commitment by many talented and gifted educators in primary education.  The programme has been developed to respond to the needs of children today in their faith journey, to enable them to grow in their religious literacy and understanding.

 “At the heart of the programme is the mystery of God’s self revelation of love through Jesus Christ.  Come and See gives pupils the opportunity to explore the mystery of faith through Scripture and Tradition.” (Rt. Rev. Peter Doyle-Bishop of Northampton)

 In the sacred task of teaching religious education at St John Fisher Catholic Primary School, we are confident that the Come and See programme will greatly enhance and enrich our pupils’ faith journey.

Our Subject Leader is Mrs Hines

RE Curriculum Impact

At the end of their time at St. John Fisher we would like all children to leave with:

  • An understanding of Gospel values and how to live them out in order to be a loving, giving, respectful and tolerant member of society. 
  • An understanding of the Catholic faith and the role of our school within the parish community.
  • Outcomes in RE books should evidence a broad and balanced RE curriculum and demonstrate the children’s acquisition of identified key knowledge.
  • A knowledge, understanding and appreciation of Scripture and how it applies to our daily lives. 
  • A knowledge and understanding of Catholic traditions and worship, including the steps, signs and symbols involved in the Sacraments. 
  • A knowledge and appreciation of other world religions including significant festivals.

RE Curriculum Maps

C&S Overview

C&S Theology Stepping Stones

C&S Scripture Grid

World Faiths Progression Map

More information is included in curriculum newsletters (on class pages). These are sent to parents at the beginning of each term.

Assessment in RE

We use formative assessment for learning techniques in all RE lessons, and termly summative assessment using the RE Standards document which can be viewed here.

Collective Worship Policy


Religious Education Policy 2021-23