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St John Fisher Catholic Primary

St John Fisher Catholic Primary

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Teaching Staff

Ms O'Donnell, Head Teacher

Mrs Vontzalidis, Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs Dunn, Inclusion Lead (SENCo)


Mrs Hines and Mrs Luckhurst, Reception class

Miss Feeney, Year 1/2

Miss Baneen, Year 3

Miss Hartill, Year 4

Mrs Vontzalidis and Mr Hughes, Year 5

Ms Syeda, Year 6


Mrs Elvery, PPA cover

Mrs Pugh, PPA cover


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Anil

Mrs Banathy

Mrs Chiu

Miss Hobbs

Mrs Johnstone

Mrs Kihara

Miss Long

Mrs Neclea

Mrs Pugh



Senior Midday Supervisor

Ms Frisso

Ms Dunne


Administration and Premises

Mrs Miles, School Business Manager

Mrs Concialdi, Secretary

Mrs Davis, Secretary & Sports Administrator

Mrs Watts, Administrator

Mr Mackie, Site Manager