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St John Fisher Catholic Primary

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Year 3



Welcome to the Year 3 Class Page. This page will share the different learning experiences that take place in our class throughout the year. Visit this page regularly to see updates, pictures and videos of our learning. 

 Teachers: Mrs Naqvi and Mrs Elvery on Thursdays

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Johnstone, Mrs Banathy and Miss Exelby 

Summer Term 1

Welcome back, hope you have had a great restful Easter break! We have an exciting term ahead of us. 

In English we will be finishing of our unit on 'War and Peas' and we will be starting our new book titled 'The Magic Box' by Kit Wright. In this unit the pupils will be focusing on poetry and writing their own free verse poems.  

We will also be starting our new topic in Geography titled 'Extreme Earth'. In this topic we will be focusing on describing the equator and hemispheres as well as looking at identifying the structure of the Earth. W e will also be locating and naming volcanoes on a map, researching famous volcanoes in Iceland and identifying risks and benefits of living near a volcano. 

In Maths we will be finishing our topic on Time. We will then be learning about Pictograms and Fractions. Year 3 will be focusing on how to create and interpret pictograms and graphs. In our Fractions topic pupils will be focusing on counting in tenths, finding parts of a set and finding equivalent fractions. They will also be comparing and ordering fractions and adding and subtracting fractions. 

In Science we will be starting our new topic on Plants and living things. They will be identifying and describing the different functions of a flowering plant. Exploring the requirements of plant life and growth. They will also be investigating the way in which water is transported within plants. Exploring the part that a flower plays in the lifecycle of flowering plants.  

In RE we will be doing the topic of Energy and Choices. In our Energy topic will be focusing on the energy of fire and wind and the wonder and power of the Holy Spirit as well as looking at Pentecost. In our Choices topic we will be exploring how choices have consequences, the importance of conscience in making choices and the reasons for rules in the Christian family as well as focusing on Reconciliation. 

Dates for the Diary:

- Monday 6th May 2024: Bank holiday  

- Friday 24th May 2024: End of term

Things to remember:

  • PE on Mondays (Athletics) and Fridays (Cricket)
  • Library books are changed on Mondays
  • Homework is set on a Friday and is due in the following week on Thursday
  • Spelling tests are on Fridays 
  • Timetables test are on Wednesdays 

Our Learning experiences:

 These some images from or trip to Celtic Harmony. Year 3 had a great time exploring the different periods of Prehistoric Britain. 

Celtic Harmony trip


 Curriculum Newsletters:

 Y3 Curriculum Overview Autumn 2023

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Y3 Curriculum Overview Summer 2024 

 Letters and class information:

Stationary to remember: Ruler, rubber, pencil, glue stick 


Spring term:


Year 3 - Time - Knowledge Organiser   Year 3 - Money - Knowledge Organiser Year 3 - Length - Knowledge Organiser Year 3 - Mass and Capacity - Knowledge Organiser 


 Year 3 - Animal including Humans - Knowledge Orangiser 

Year 3 - Forces and Magnets - Knowledge Organsier 


Year 3 - Ancient Britain - Knowledge Organiser 


 Year 3 - Spreadsheets - Knowledge Organisers                         


 Year 3 - Latin Dance - Knowledge Organiser 

Year 3 - March from The Nutcracker - Knowledge Organiser 

Summer term:


Year 3 - Pictogram - Knowledge Organiser  

Year 3 - Fractions - Knowledge Organiser 


 Year 3 - Plants - Knowledge Organiser 


 Year 3 - Extreme Earth -Knowledge Organiser 


Year 3 - Branching database - Knowledge Organise 

Year 3 - Coding - Knowledge Organiser 


 Year 3 - From a railway carriage - Knowledge Organiser 

 Year 3 - Just three notes - Knowledge Organiser