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St John Fisher Catholic Primary School

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Art & Design

Art, craft and design stimulates creativity and imagination. At St John Fisher children are given the opportunity to experience different approaches including working individually, in groups or as a whole class.


Throughout their work pupils will be taught about pattern and texture, colour, line and tone, shape and form. Children also have the opportunity to experience collage, textiles, three dimensional sculpture, painting, printmaking and drawing. They also explore the work of artists from different times and different cultures.


Below is an overview of the topics that we cover across the school. More information is included in class curriculum newsletters, which are sent to parents at the start of each term.

Star Artists


At St John Fisher we like to celebrate our star artists by showcasing their work below. These are artists that have shown a great development and awareness of the skills required in their art lessons.





Summer 2017

Summer 2017 1 Terracotta Tiles.
Summer 2017 2 Terracotta Tiles.
Summer 2017 3 Chick Observational Drawings.
Summer 2017 4 Chick Observational Drawings.
Summer 2017 5 Chick Observational Drawings.
Summer 2017 6 Chick Observational Drawings.