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St John Fisher Foundation Curriculum

At St John Fisher we are building a curriculum that harnesses the undeniable and important power of stories.


Our vision is for our children to follow a planned story arc from their first day in Reception to the day they leave us in Year 6, maintained by clear links across the curriculum. This includes ensuring all children have met the requirements of the National Curriculum.

Stories guide us, teach us and help us to explore the possibilities beyond the everyday and it is through these experiences that we grow in our knowledge and understanding. Once we learn the stories of others, we can reflect, respond and decide how we can use that learning to build our own stories with conviction and resilience.


Using stories as a guide, our curriculum development journey is focusing on:

  • A clear structure
  • Rich use of vocabulary
  • Clear communication 
  • Shared community knowledge
  • Gospel and moral values 
  • Wellbeing


This is also underpinned by our core values. 


Our foundation curriculum is in two areas: topic learning and enrichment. Where possible we aim to teach the foundation subjects through an interdisciplinary topic, allowing students a rich context in which to build their knowledge. Where this is not possible or preferable subjects can be taught discreetly, such as for PE, PSHE and specialist Music lessons. 


Please see the individual subject pages below for more details.