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Children’s Work – We have produced schoolwork for children to complete, this initial pack is expected to last for the first 5 days of school closures.  Teachers will spend the first week of the school closure preparing and developing work to be shared through Google Classroom (KS2 only), Purple Mash and Mathletics or the school website. The School Website will serve to communicate additional free resources that will enrich the home learning experience of all learners.


Please note that guidance on how to set up Google classroom will be sent out via teachers – this may be through email and/or the class page on the website.


While staff remain well, work will be added over the isolation period to ensure that children continue to learn.


Children will be asked to complete the following activities daily (see daily plan):

  • Maths – Work set daily by teacher
  • English – grammar based or written tasks -­ Work set daily by teacher
  • Science, history or geography (only one of these per day and set by teacher)
  • Spellings (part of English)
  • RE
  • Reading
  • Times tables – work set through TTRS
  • Physical activity
  • Handwriting (KS1 only)


In addition to the above tasks, a variety of activities/challenges will be set for different classes based on learning already completed (consolidation) or current learning.  They may include:

  • Short burst writing activities
  • Year group based learning including watching videos etc
  • Practical activities – baking cake, making biscuits etc.
  • Maths Problem activities.
  • Reading comprehension
  • Creative tasks



We are very aware that most families do not have printers so will try to ensure that all activities can be viewed on screen rather than the need to print out.


Children should submit their work electronically through the chosen or directed medium such as Google Classroom, Purple Mash or Mathletics.  If children produce work that cannot be submitted electronically they are to collate it.


We have also provided a daily plan for the children to follow.  This is to provide a structured approach to home learning and to ensure children can thrive despite the current situation.  It will also serve to reduce the stress that may start to build due to long periods of time in isolation.


In case school closures last for an extended period of time, the website has uploaded end of year expectations for each class for maths and English.  These are based on the National Curriculum.


Please note that while we make every attempt to provide a consistent approach to home learning across the school every class/key stage has its differences.  A short letter from each class teacher will be provided outlining any expectations that differ from those above.


As mentioned in the first paragraph teachers will be preparing much of the online content during the first days of the school closure.

suggested timetable for Closure may look like the following:


Day 1

Teachers prepare work for pupils


Pupils work from pack sent home

Day 2

Teachers prepare work for pupils


Pupils work from pack sent home

Day 3

Teachers prepare work for pupils


Pupils work from pack sent home

Day 4

Website updated by teachers

Pupils work from pack sent home

Day 5

Activities uploaded to google classroom, Purple Mash and Times Tables Rock Stars (TTRS) or school website and available for children to complete

Pupils work from pack sent home


Thereon, work will continue to be uploaded on a daily basis. Children will be expected to access online learning from Monday 30th March 2020.


Teachers continue to monitor Home Learning on a daily basis and respond to any arising needs that are directly linked to the work provided.


We have also decided to provide you with your child’s class teacher’s email address. Please note that you may only communicate via this with regards to the work set.  Teachers will not respond to any other enquiries.  All other enquiries are to be sent to the school office via email or telephone.


I am sure you will appreciate that teachers will not be able to provide individual feedback, however, I can assure that they will be monitoring the work completed. We also fully understand that due the unprecedented circumstances we find ourselves in, it may not be possible for children to attempt all the work set.