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Black Lives Matter

Statement from St John Fisher Catholic Primary School: Black Lives Matter


Much reflection and discussion has been going on within our school community in reaction to the death of George Floyd and the response from the Black Lives Matter movement, and specifically how we can play a positive role going forward.

As a school we are not traditionally overly vocal on social media channels. However, we realise we have a duty to ensure that by not speaking out we are not sending a message that racism is tolerated, or that ignorance and prejudice are ever acceptable.

We are categorical that we will not tolerate racism and we acknowledge the role that schools can play in dismantling systemic racism. We have made progress, but we also know that there is much still to do. We commit today to listen to our community, to work and consult to drive change in order to equip our pupils with the knowledge they need to understand and address complex social issues, and to be aware of and combat racism. We welcome the views of members of our community and if you wish to be involved or have any suggestions, please contact us by emailing