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Sport 2018/2019


The school is taking part in an even wider variety of sporting activities this year, from Rapid Cricket, Gaelic Football, Quicksticks hockey and circus skills! We continue to support the daily mile run. Do check out our termly newsletter written by the sports ambassadors for details.

Sport 2017/18

St John Fisher had an excellent year last year with their sporting efforts in a range of different competitions and tournaments. 

A big well done to all who represented the school in various events. 

Sport Premium Funding

Last year we were fortunate enough to receive a fantastic sum of £17,640 for our sports premium grant. This money has to be spent with the aim of improving 1 of 5 key areas in sport (as listed on the budget template). 

As a school, we have budgeted a significant proportion of this money into enhancing physical development in the lower school, to ensure from the beginning of their school career with us at St John Fisher, the children are being encouraged to participate in regular physical activity. 




Latest Activities and Games


To find out the latest sporting activities and events and celebrations of sport at St John Fisher follow our Twitter feed @StJohnFisherRC


We compete in many local tournaments and hold a range of sporting events in school. We are introducing the Daily Mile, keeping our children fit and active as much as possible.

We are looking forward to a year of sporting achievements so do check back to see how we are getting on!


no  St John Fisher has again been awarded a 

Silver Games Mark!


What is the Sainsbury's School Games mark and how do schools apply for it?

The School Games mark launched in June 2012 to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community via club links. Schools in England were able to assess themselves across bronze, silver and gold levels of the Gammark. To gain any level of the Games mark, all schools are required to meet set criteria.



Pupils have two hours of PE timetabled per week, through which we develop the six areas of activity as set out in the National Curriculum – Dance; Games; Gymnastics; Athletics; Outdoor and Adventurous activities; Swimming.

Children are given the opportunity to swim during KS2 with the lower KS2 having more time allocated to them. We aim for all pupils leaving the school to be able to swim at least 25m. They also learn life saving skills.

More information is included in curriculum newsletters (on class pages). These are sent to parents at the beginning of each term.


What’s taught

Sports taught include football; tag rugby; netball; basket ball; kwik cricket, badminton, hockey, short tennis, speed stacking, athletics and dance.

Year Six pupils also have the opportunity to complete the National Cycling Proficiency scheme.


Competitive Sport

Pupils take part in a range of tournaments and sports festivals. These have included the Swimming Gala, Tag rugby festival, Tennis competition, Indoor Sport Hall, District Sports, Netball Tournament, Football, Tag Rugby and Basket Ball.

Children also participate in non competitive sport.



We have strong links with the School Sport’s Partnership and invite specialist teachers in to share their expertise.


We are fortunate to have many after school clubs, including sport, which are organized through the Sports Partnership, and many more by our dedicated After School club organisers. These have included; street dance, netball, tri golf, cricket, tag ruby, gymnastics and football.

Children are given the opportunity to try out athletics with the PE Subject Leader in preparation for the District Sports. 



We enjoy sport here at St John Fisher School and we encourage children to view sport as fun, a great way make friends and to stay fit and healthy!


Keep active!



Sports Premium Funding


In April 2013 the government announce a new funding scheme to all state schools to assist with the delivery, opportunity and availability of sport and PE to the schools’ pupils.


Our Vision

Our vision with the PE and Sports Premium is to raise the aspirations of all pupils regardless of their athletic ability, disabilities, culture or social background. By effective teaching and a providing a rounded extra- curricular timetable we aim to allow all pupils attending St John Fisher to experience the benefits of joining in with physical activity, and making healthy lifestyle choices.



PE and Sports Funding for the year ending

July 2017


Budget Allocation  £8000


The Sports Premium fund is being used to enhance the quality and delivery of PE by:


1. Joining the Sports Partnership. 

To ensure that we are in the forefront of PE and Sports participation.

To be updated with events including level 2 and level 3 competitions.

Sports subject leader will attend partnership conferences.

Teachers will have access to CPD.

Sports Ambassador will attend year round training.


2. Enhancing and broaden Teaching and Learning through CPD

To Increase Participation and to Improve the Quality and Breadth of Sports and PE and Develop Healthy Life Styles by:

  • developing confidence in, and knowledge of staff with the teaching of PE across the school.

  • promoting the importance of a healthy lifestyle to all pupils.

  • continuing to build on the legacy of the 2012 Olympics and recognise the importance of upholding the Olympic and Paralympic Values across the school.

  • Develop leadership skills

  • promoting competitive sport in and outside of school

Increase enjoyment and raise self-esteem


Staff will have access to further CPD training as and when available. 

External coaches will come in and will work alongside staff, to deliver high quality games and teaching as well as supporting and enhancing teacher's skills.

Tesco's FA Skills program-Skills to develop hand and eye coordination. The fundamentals will be taught that are needed to play football and other invasion games. Year R to 6

Saracens' On the front foot program-This will include PSHCE elements and Tag rugby. Year 3 & 6


Teachers will be present at these sessions and work alongside the coaches to develop their skills.


3. Increasing Extra Curriculum Provision

Employment of a Teaching Assistant (formerly our Sports Apprentice level 2) to work closely with the Sports Leader, promote links with clubs in order to deliver coaching opportunities for children.

Time given to Sports Leader to ensure links with after school club organisers to encourage breadth of activities offered. 

Lunch clubs will be provided for selected groups of children. The needs of disadvantaged pupils will inform at least one of these groups.

More pupils attending a variety of sporting clubs offered during and after school, thus improving and developing their skills and knowledge


4. Purchasing equipment to encourage physical participation at play and lunch time. 

Playtime equipment will be updated. Play leader equipment to be purchased as and when needed. 


5. Employment of Teaching Assistant, qualified as Level 2 Sports Apprentice

We have continued to employ our Sports apprentice who will work closely with our Healthy Schools Leader. She will run selected lunch and after school clubs, continue to take the cross country and help with the netball club. She will also support pupils in curricular PE sessions, led by teachers, in the afternoons.

Her role will also be monitoring playtimes and to work with the Sports leaders to ensure that children are having fun and keeping active.


Together, the sporting team will blog events and share sporting achievements, in and out of school, during celebration assemblies.


6. School Council

The PE Leader, Sports Ambassadors and Health Leaders will work alongside the school council to improve enjoyment at playtimes.


7. Healthy Schools

To maintain the school's Healthy School Status, working together to promote Health Lifestyles both Physically and Mentally.



  • Realisation of the importance of leading a Healthy Lifestyle through Change4life campaign and making the right choices This will be run by our sports assistant at  lunchtime to a selected group of children.

  • The development of all pupils physical, social and cognitive skills through PE

  • The improvement and development in pupil’s teamwork, leadership and communication skills through PE and Sport.

  • Investigate Accede and Healthy ratings


8. Communication

Pupils, parents and guardians will have be able to follow school sport news by reading the school weekly newsletter and the sports website which will  celebrate pupils sporting achievements both inside and outside of school.

Please let Ms Powell know if there are any achievements that we can celebrate which take place out of school.


Years 2014-2015 and 2015-16 Impact

Last year saw an increase in children participating in extra curricular sports clubs. Children are being more physically active.

Groups were targeted to ensure that all our KS1 & KS2 children have the opportunity to participate in sport outside the curriculum. Teachers have reported that these children have shown more enthusiasm, developed self esteem and have become more active during curriculum PE. There also has been accelerated progress in the core areas of the curriculum. 


Children were leveled in swimming and were awarded certificates which showed them what they need to achieve to reach the next level.

Our non swimmers showed excellent progress this year, having one to one support.


Children worked with the Sports Leader and Sports Apprentice to develop their skills across a variety of sporting activities. They were given the opportunity to have a go at events in the District Sports whatever their ability.


Staff attended a variety of sporting sessions which they reported to improve their confidence in teaching PE.



  • We were awarded Hertfordshire Healthy Schools Status.
  • We entered many competitions throughout the year.
  • We won the Level 3 County Finals Basket ball Competition.
  • We came first in the girls District Sports and First in the Boys and Girls overall scores.
  • We also took first place in the cross country.
  • First place in the Level 2 Mini Tennis. 
  • We won the Level 2 Indoor Hall athletics competition.
  • We won the mini sports which we hosted at our school.
  • We faired well in other sporting competitions such as the tag rugby, netball, football, speed stacking and swimming.


New Equipment

We have purchased new playground equipment for playtimes in KS2.

We have new athletics equipment such as speed bounce and kick boards. These will give children the chance to broaden their skills in indoor athletics.