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St John Fisher Catholic Primary School

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Science at St John Fisher is taught using the curriculum. We are committed to delivering lessons which inspire and enthuse the children, and are always thrilled when they are motivated by something they have experienced in class to do further research at home.


We make frequent use of website resources designed specifically to spark the  children’s interest in science, and encourage the children to learn through investigation and scientific experimentation. As they move through KS2, the children become progressively more independent, using scientific enquiry skills to generate their own questions and devise ways in which to answer them.


Activities are differentiated to allow for the needs of all the children, but the children carry out investigations in mixed groups. This allows them the opportunity to work with a variety of children in their class, and develop the necessary social skills. When involved in an investigation, children in KS1 are expected to work in pairs or perhaps groups of three. As they become more socially mature experiments may been carried out in groups of four or five children.


The document below explains what science topics will be covered in each Year during the year.